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Liz Kelsh
Liz Kelsh

With over 20 years’ experience in the make-up industry, Liz Kelsh has captured the hearts of a long and worthy list of celebrity and the fashion elite, charming them with her warm, quick-witted persona and impeccable hand at make-up artistry.

Irish born Kelsh has been intrigued by the world of make up since a young age when she would play at her grandmother’s dressing table. Her break came in the nineteen-ninties when she was given the opportunity to work at fashion week in Paris and Milan. With no formal training, Kelsh held her own alongside some of the world most recognized names of the profession. Kelsh has since worked with highly acclaimed designers such as John Galliano, Stella McCartney, Easton Pearson, Yeojin Bae and Robert Cavalli.

Appreciated for her charisma and moral work ethic, Kelsh has worked with some of Hollywood’s most recognized names such as Jennifer Anniston, Cate Blanchett, Hugh Jackman, Vanessa Hudgens and Kim Catrell.

Kelsh’s diversity is what makes her work stand out, with the ability to move seamlessly between famous faces, directing fashion shows and collaborating with the leaders of the fashion realm on publications such as Harper’s Bazaar, Vanity Fair, Marie Claire, Russh, Madison and InStyle.

Kelsh is also the Australian ambassador for Max Factor.

Tutorials & tips by Liz Kelsh

Liz Kelsh


Liz Kelsh's
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The best ever beauty advice I was given by my grandmother. Always wash your face twice before bed. The first cleanse removes make up and dirt while the second gives a deeper cleanse.

up close
& personal
  1. What makes modern Glamour different to Classic Glamour?
    Old School Glamour was all about having a signature look, Modern Glamour is more about having a boutique of looks, following trends then putting your own personal stamp on it.
  2. How does a woman achieve this?
    The first step is finding the foundation that’s perfect for you! Great skin is the perfect back drop for all make up. Then have fun with eyes and lips, experiment and practice are a winning combination.
  3. Are women born glamorous or can it be learnt?
    Glamour is created! That’s what I find so magical about make up you can make the you on the outside match the you on the inside.
  4. When did you first become aware of the notion of glamour?
    I’ve always been drawn to the world of glamour, as a baby, much to my mother’s embarrassment I would reach out of my pram to touch stranger’s fur coats. As I got a little older I would collect empty perfume bottles and the feeling and smell on the cosmetics floor always felt like home to me.
  5. What is the key ingredient for Glamour?
    Confidence!!! When making your own glamour statement own it, have fun and do it with confidence.